An excellent way to manage your blog is to write several posts in one sitting and then schedule them to be published at dates in the future.

It allows you to get into the vibe, do your research and work efficiently. That way even when you’re busy your blog is still current.

Blogs are a great way of creating a buzz around your website. You can link to them via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They also work very well with forums, posting links and turning your website into its only little community with followers commenting on and enjoying your posts.

If you’d like help, we can set up a blog for you, teach you how to use it and even write posts for you.

They’re enjoyable and an asset to your website and business, and even great fun for hobbies and diaries as well.

With the ability to embed YouTube videos and photo galleries you can engage with your followers and share your passion. They’re enjoyable and with the ability to schedule they work around you.