The number one way to increase your rankings on Google is content.

It may sound simple, but adding new and relevant content frequently to your site comes up top time and time again of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) recommendations. By doing so you are showing Google and other search engines that your site is active, you are adding more keywords and building on those those you have and you are giving people a reason to return to your site again and again.

Always write for your visitors first of all. There is no point being number one of the search engine rankings if people leave your site the moment they arrive. You want to engage your visitor, provide the information they are looking for and draw them in and guide them through your site.

However knowing your keywords and keeping in mind search engines and people’s search engine behaviour is also important.

Keeping your website regularly updated, analysing the statistics, adding and tweaking the SEO it all takes time and skill. We can manage your website for you or teach you new skills so you can get more from your site yourself. With prices starting at just £40 an hour why not get your website working for you?